Wireless on Flirt FM – programme 26

On the January 2019 edition we bring you a special programme about the Irish pirate radio audio archive which went live on December 24th. We feature a selection of archival recordings and jingles and bring you the perspectives of listeners, broadcasters and technicians. Advertisements

Wireless on Flirt FM / programme 25

In the December edition of Wireless on Flirt FM, we hear how the Grassroots Radio project is helping a new community radio station in Cork. Brian Greene reports from the recent International Radio Festival in Malta. And radio activist and academic Gloria Khamkar responds to David Lloyd’s controversial report about community radio in the UK. […]

Wireless on Flirt FM – programme 23

On the October edition of Wireless on Flirt FM, we have big news about the Irish Pirate Radio Archive which is heading to Dublin City University. We hear from Nick Richards who was involved in the ‘border blaster’ pirate KISS FM in Monaghan in the 1980s. The programme also features more transnational European radio history […]

Wireless on Flirt FM – programme 22

On the September edition of Wireless on Flirt FM we have a distinctively pirate theme. Broadcast historian Eddie Bohan tells us about his travelling pirate radio exhibition currently running in Galway and Liam Byrne discusses the history of the pirates in Limerick. And from the Transnational Radio History Summer School in Luxembourg, we hear from […]